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ABOUT – Overcoming Satanic Devices

Overcoming Satanic Devices is written with the aim to make us aware of Satan; where he came from, what the Bible tells us about his creation and how he got off track. In his heart, he wanted to be like the most high God and because of his personal ambition, he lost his first estate! As a reader, you will gain insight to the beginning of paganistic worship! It will reveal how Satan manifested himself in the Old Testament through paganism, worship, nature and superstition; out of which grew witchcraft, sorcery and voodoo; but they were not aware of the true and living God! Also,how God used Moses in freeing Israel from Egypt by overcoming magic and satanic worship proving that God (Jehovah) was greater than the Gods of Egypt! The book explain why God commanded Israel to destroy witches and those with familiar spirits: How King Saul requested the Witch of Endor to call Samuel from the grave. Finally, showing the weapons that God has given us to overcome the devil’s desires and tricks of the enemy!